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Our main priority at is to ensure student’s success. Your satisfaction with our product and your overall academic experience is something that we take extremely seriously. That’s why we want to share with you the biggest secret of writing quality essays.

What is a thesis?

The definition of “thesis” is confusing for many students, partially because it actually has two definitions depending on the context of the assignment. The definition of “thesis” is confusing for many students, partially because it actually has two definitions depending on the context of the assignment.

1. A thesis is a premise that is to be proved or argued and relates to what professors will usually call a “thesis statement.” They are concise and explain the author’s overall perspective. After reading these sentences, the reader should know the exact purpose of the essay. This is why it usually occurs within the first paragraph. Our writers are experts at crafting theses that clearly demonstrate the paper’s topic and viewpoint. Example of a thesis statement for an essay we wrote for a client about teenage pregnancy: “Many people believe that teenage girls are not ready to be mothers, but historically speaking, teenage pregnancy used to be the norm.”

2. A thesis can also refer to a long essay that involves a lot of qualitative and quantitative research. It often involves searching through thousands of academic research articles. A thesis is usually written by a Master’s or Ph.D. candidate as their final project before receiving their degree.  Our team is committed to providing excellent theses for graduate students. Do not wait any longer, let us take care of you!

Examples of theses we have written for clients:

  • Courage in “To Kill a Mockingbird”
  • The Bureau of Fire Protection
  • The Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media
  • Bullying and Academic Performance
  • Juvenile Delinquency in the Philippines

Forming an ineffective thesis statement is one of the most common writing mistakes that students make. A thesis is used to convince the reader that they should continue to read in order to hear you out. At, all of our essays have thesis statements that eloquently express the paper’s purpose. But don’t take our word for it – calculate the cost for yourself!



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We are always trying to find new ways to improve cost for our clients. We have developed a strategy to hire the most efficient and effective writers. We end up paying our writers less because they work so quickly, and you see the savings!

In our most recent company debrief, we asked our team of writers to come up with tips for students. After all, they write multiple essays every day! All of the writers agreed that the most important thing students should know is how to write an effective thesis statement. Here is what they came up with:

  • Go beyond your topic. A thesis statement is not a description of your topic. It is a description of your essay. For example: If your topic is to “write an essay about yourself,” your thesis statement might be: “As an immigrant, my experiences moving and adapting to a new country have shaped who I am today.” Your essay should then only describe this aspect of yourself.
  • Tell your reader the point of the paper without saying “the point of this paper is…” or something similar. They should be able to figure it out for themselves             because your thesis will be effective and poignant.
  • Try to be as specific as possible. This helps to narrow the topic enough for you to focus specifically on the information needed for your essay. This is especially important when discussing a broad topic.
  • Make sure your thesis statement is easy to locate in the first paragraph of your paper. If it takes too long for the reader to find out what you are writing about, you haven’t included your statement in a logical location at the beginning of your essay.

Graduate-Level Thesis

If you are writing a thesis for a graduate degree, there is a lot to consider. Theses should not be treated as normal essays, as they require an extensive time commitment and research skills, as well as additional formatting and attention to detail. Our experts are able to research and dedicate the time needed to creating a well-thought out essay. Leave the stress of finding vast amounts of information for your thesis to us while you focus on other aspects of your graduate career.

Some key components of our thesis-writing services include:

Cover Letter

Writing a thesis often goes alongside grant and approval applications. Your cover letter should carefully explain your thesis and demonstrate why it will be a positive contribution to the academic community. Luckily, for you, we also write grant proposals and cover letters for graduate students who need help getting funding for their research.

Thesis Dedication

Although the dedication page is optional, it is a nice addition to a thesis paper. If you have people you want to acknowledge for their support during your graduate studies, but don’t know exactly how to word it, we will write a touching dedication that will thank them appropriately. Just let us know who you would like to grant and why, and we will take care of the writing!

Quality Academic Research

All works that are referenced within your thesis should be academically relevant. All articles should be peer-reviewed and carefully selected, as they reflect your understanding of the topic. At, we have access to hundreds of thousands of such works and the most reliable sources

Assurance That The Significance of Your Study is Clear

Your thesis should contribute to the academic community in a way that enriches others and encourages scholars to reference your work. Our team of scholars understands that your research is important, and we know how to communicate the impact of your study. Even if you did not find statistically significant results, we will explain why your research is relevant.


All references are properly cited in the correct citation style. For more information about our bibliographic services, please visit the <Bibliography Page>

The Balance of Qualitative and Quantitative Information

This is where many graduate students go wrong. If your thesis consults primarily qualitative research (ex. direct quotes), it may lack necessary quantitative research (ex. questionnaire data), or vice versa. This is something we always consider when crafting a thesis paper for a client. We strive to find the perfect balance to enrich the information at hand. This allows us to create an engaging paper that will truly set you apart.

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What is qualitative research?

Qualitative research is exploratory and includes documents that may provide opinions, reviews, and case studies. There is usually very little numerical data to analyze.

What is qualitative research?

Quantitative research uses objective numerical information and measurements. It uses mathematics, statistics, and the analysis of data found from questionnaires, polls, and surveys. It can also use computational techniques and manipulate statistics to successfully prove a point.


Questionnaires are an excellent method of creating a quantitative element for your research paper. For example, in a recent questionnaire we consulted for one of our essays, teens were asked about leadership and bullying. A correlation was found that 90% of teens who feel as though they are “often bullied” do not consider themselves to have “good leadership skills.” With the concrete evidence from the questionnaire results, writers are able to expand and prove points effectively. We always seek out high quality and trusted quantitative data to inform our thesis papers.

Our team of professionals crafts high-quality papers that consult both qualitative and quantitative peer-reviewed research. Finding a balance between both methods is incredibly important to us as we create the most proficient thesis papers for the lowest possible cost. All of our clients are satisfied with our results. Here is what they have to say:


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We are continuously trying to improve our service and would like to thank all of our clients who provide feedback. Unlike other companies, we only provide well-articulated and eloquent academic writing. The professionals working on your paper have been through Master’s and Ph.D. programs themselves and, therefore, know what to expect when dealing with thesis papers. Their knowledge is an invaluable tool at your disposal when you choose to work with There is no stronger team to create a thesis paper to match all of your hard work and dedication to your studies.

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