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The bibliography is often the most challenging and tedious aspect of writing an essay. Many students are struggling with accurately referencing information used to support ideas within their work. Our team of professionals understands the difficulties involved in creating a quality citation page and are here to offer their expertise for all your bibliographic needs. We are committed to using the best sources for your topic and citing them properly.

What is a bibliography?

A bibliography is a list of references consulted for a written work. It is sometimes also called a reference list, or a work cited, depending on the citation style used. The page should list all outside sources that were used to develop the author’s arguments and theses in written works. In order to maintain a reliable and trusting voice, it is important for writers to properly reference all concepts that were retrieved from outside sources. Proper citation allows the reader to easily locate the references and verify the theories expressed within the text. This allows them to feel that you are a credible author who has done their research.

Common Citation Types For Essays and Their Uses

The most popular reference format for high school, undergraduate, and graduate research papers are MLA and APA. Our team of experts excels in providing the citation style of your choice. Usually, your teacher or professor will indicate which format they would like you to use, but here is a guide to help determine which one to use.

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that you will be proud of. Here is a list of citation styles based on the subject:

Anthropology - AAA
Art History - Chicago or Turabian
Arts Management - Chicag
Biology - CSE
Business - APA, Chicago or Harvard
Chemistry - ACS
Communications - MLA
Computing Science - Chicago
Criminology - APA or Chicago

Education - APA
History - Chicago or Turabian
International Studies - APA, APSA, Chicago, or ISA Journalism - AP or APA
Law - Bluebook, Maroonbook or ALWD
Linguistics - APA, MLA or LSA
Literature - MLA
Literature - MLA
Mathematics - AMS

Medicine - AMA or NLM
Music - Turabian or Chicago
Philosophy - MLA or Chicago
Physics - AIP
Political Science - APSA
Psychology - APA
Religion - MLA or Chicago
Sociology - ASA
Theater - MLA or Chicago

Our expert knowledge of all citation styles ensures that we provide excellent bibliographic services to suit the specific needs of your professor. This sets us apart from competitors and allows us to cater to any topic or subject. You can trust us to deliver exceptional papers that comply with all the requirements of your assignment, including bibliographic specifications. Considering a number of rules that most citation styles have and how necessary it is to follow them closely to successfully reference information, this is especially important.

Writing Sample of APA Format

APA Bibliography/Works Cited
Example From a Recent Essay Order:

Madjd, A., Taylor, M. A., Delavari, A., Malekzadeh, R., Macdonald, I. A., & Farshchi, H. R. (2016). The beneficial effect of high energy intake at lunch rather than dinner on weight loss in healthy obese women in a weight-loss program: a randomized clinical trial. American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, 104(4), 982-989.

APA In-Text Citation Example
From a Recent Essay Order:

In a University of Nottingham study, Madjd et al. (2016) found that eating more at lunch and less at dinner may result in weight loss (p. 982). doi:10.3945/ajcn.116.134163

APA Sample Paper

Formatting APA papers requires extensive knowledge and attention to detail, as well as excellent Word processing skills. Our experts have been trained to comply with the vast amount of guidelines and regulations that APA requires. We guarantee that the experts handling your paper will refer to the most current formatting and style guides.

Writing Sample of MLA Format

MLA Bibliography/Works Cited Example From a Recent Thesis We Wrote:

Carpenter, Susan. “Profit Versus Nonprofit: Comparisons and Considerations.” Home Healthcare Nurse, 1986, vol. 4, pp. 18-23. doi:10.3945/ajcn.116.134163

MLA In-text Citation Example From a Recent Thesis We Wrote:

Carpenter discusses the differences between companies that are for profit versus those that are non-profit by highlighting the differences in services. While for-profits react to the market, non-profits “plan programs that will solve community problems” (23).

MLA Sample Paper

There are over 1,000 specific principles to be followed when you write in MLA style! If you find them overwhelming, we have you covered. There is no need to stress about knowing and following every MLA requirement when we have professionals ready to help at a moment’s notice. Our writers can write any research paper in MLA citation style, and you can trust that all the rules will be followed perfectly.

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Unbelievable, but true! For this low cost, we provide accurate and thorough annotated bibliography for your research paper with proper citations.

What is an annotated bibliography?

In addition to providing all the necessary information about each resource, an annotated bibliography also provides a 1-3 paragraph description of the resource. Annotated bibliographies usually refer to the specific research project and the author’s evaluation of the resource. The information in an annotated bibliography is presented per citation and is essentially a summary of information found within the resource. Professors will often ask students to create an annotated bibliography for their research topic before beginning to write their research paper. This helps with brainstorming and an overall understanding of the topic.

Our writing and research professionals have provided hundreds of annotated bibliographies for students with reliable reference lists with annotations. It is important to impress upon the reader of your paper that you are well-versed in the meaning of the resources you have chosen to support your hypothesis. The experts working on your paper will create an annotation for each source that is clear and concise to demonstrate an ultimate understanding of arguments, opinions, and informative content.

Sample Annotated Bibliography in MLA Format

Sample Annotated Bibliography in APA Format

Top Ten Essay-Writing Reference Mistakes Students Make

Here at, we understand all the challenges involved with creating proper citations.
The top ten mistakes that we will NEVER make include:

Copying the words or ideas of another
author without referencing it.

We ensure that every in your essay is original. Direct quotes will always include quotation marks and will be featured in the bibliography.

Not considering
the audience.

Our writers always think about who will be reading the essay. The resources that are used are appropriate for the education level of our client. For example, we would not use a highly academic peer-reviewed journal for a Grade 9 English opinion piece.

Improper formatting
of the bibliography.

Each citation style has its own specifications on how to format the reference list. It may include indents after the first line, double spacing, etc. We pay attention to all the details.

Using many references that are
more than 10 years old.

Our team of expert researchers understands the importance of using current and reliable resources in essay-writing.

Not citing opposing

Depending on the requirements of your assignment, we aim to provide a cohesive and complete argument, which often includes addressing the “other side” and demonstrating why your perspective is the best.

Using a reference does not support
the statement made in-text

Every resource we list in your bibliography applies directly to a specific idea found within your essay.

Examples of Bibliography Topics

You would be amazed to see the vast array of topics we have covered in our many years of writing custom papers. In addition to writing bibliographies that correspond with our essays, we also create reference lists for students who only need assistance with research. When a client asks us to research a topic, we can provide long lists of trusted, peer-reviewed resources.

Here are some examples of the resource lists we have created for our clients:

  • Bibliography of history (ex. a bibliography of British and Irish history)
  • Bibliography of art history or a bibliography of an artist
  • Bibliography of Asian Studies
  • Bibliography of Barack Obama
  • Charles Dickens bibliography
  • Wallace Greene bibliography

And much more bibliographies for a wide range of broad and narrow topics on all subjects including the arts, sciences, and social sciences. All of our clients walk away satisfied with our service. It’s no wonder we are able to offer a 100% money back guarantee!


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Arrow next has invested thousands of dollars for subscriptions to the best libraries and research services. We know where to find the most suitable, trusted, and informative academic journal articles for your research paper. The references used in your paper reflect upon you and your understanding of the material. If you order a custom essay from us, you can be assured that your sources will be referenced accurately both in-text and in the bibliography.

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